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Dr. Toni Hatton

Shifting Your Mind from Sight to Vision

"When you have a defining moment, it changes how you view life."

As a vision and mindset expert Dr. Toni Hatton believes it’s important for people to develop their vision and see beyond their current circumstances.

She always had a passion for helping others move past life’s obstacles, but it wasn’t until years later she had a defining moment. It was October 17, 1987 when her son was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma, or cancer in both eyes. At the age of five, he had to have his eyes removed, and yet today, he is a thriving certified massage therapist and music producer.

October holds another special meaning to her as Blindness Awareness Month. Dr. Hatton not only became an advocate for her son, she became an advocate for the sight-impaired, raising funds to bring Braille technology and college scholarships to them.

But the troubles didn’t end there. As a young college student, her daughter suddenly became chronically anemic, and her doctor recommended a blood transfusion. However, as a health coach, Dr. Hatton knew a blood transfusion was far too risky. She remembered a speaker at her church. He was a wellness guru who spoke on how our bodies can heal themselves.

Instead of risking the blood transfusion, she tapped into his advice and began to treat her daughter holistically, checking in with her daughter’s amazed doctor all along the way as her daughter got better and returned to cooking school.

She wrote a book about the lessons she learned in her life, Don’t Be Afraid: He’s Preparing You, to help people look beyond their four walls and see their true calling in life. Through her book, her audio lessons, and Attractive Thinkers, she is helping people learn to let go of limiting negative beliefs.

Dr. Hatton has been coaching, counseling and inspiring others for over 20 years. She also offers Sight to Vision Mastermind Experience groups to help people focus on where they want to go instead of focusing on where they currently are stuck in life.

Attractive Thinker Day is her brainchild, which takes place annually on October 17, to encourage people to develop their inner vision. We can all learn a lot from Dr. Hatton, and as she continues to teach us about inner vision, we will benefit from her insights and inspiration to look within ourselves and tap into our innate strength to move beyond life’s constant challenges.

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