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Shedding Light on Power of Forgiveness

Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist, Shawne Duperon teaches powerful lessons about forgiveness.

As an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist, Shawne Duperon’s work has impacted the lives and perspectives of countless viewers who watched her tell significant and powerful stories as a journalist.

Today she is still having an amazing impact on people but in a different way. As a media coach and trainer, Duperon is assisting professionals in developing their skills and knowledge, enabling them to effectively enhance their image, brand and successfully grow their businesses.

However, her most notable project to date, which is still in progress is called Project Forgive – a movie that she was inspired to develop through witnessing a devastating experience between two friends – one who killed the family another as a result of drunk driving.

As a young child, Duperon also experienced the devastation of sexual abuse and living in a family who suffered from alcoholism. As she became an adult she learned that forgiveness is very powerful.

“Looking back now as a 50-year-old woman, looking at my career and my children and my grandchildren, I can honestly say — and it’s an odd thing to say — that being molested as a child was one of the best things that have ever happened to me and, I would say, happened for me. I’m certainly not advocating abuse; it’s more about the person that I’ve become through this experience.”

Through the development of her movie Project Forgive, she is teaching others about forgiveness, inspiring them to look within themselves to find the courage to let go of past hurts and forgive those that have hurt them in some way.

As the creator of Project Forgive, Duperon’s mission is to encourage people to embrace forgiveness, open their minds and hearts and talk about how it truly has the ability to change lives and to practice forgiveness everyday of their lives.

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