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Dog Is Good: A Success Story

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“We are not getting a dog.”

The rest, for Gila Kurtz, is history.

Kurtz’s husband Jon, an active-duty U.S. Navy Captain, couldn’t have been any clearer when she mentioned visiting a new litter of Dalmatian mix puppies in the area.

But Gila went. Gila saw. And Gila was conquered – by a little spotted fluffball she named Zoe. Within a few days, dog-loving Jon was smitten too.

Seven years earlier, Gila had put aside her childhood dream of teaching when Jon’s successful military career required the couple to move almost annually. Instead of teaching, she started three companies which could be profitable regardless of the couple’s geographic location: home party lingerie, skincare sales, and coffee vending.

Although all three businesses were humming along, Gila felt something was missing from her life. She just couldn’t figure out what that something was.

Enter Zoe, the highly energetic Dalmatian mix. With no kids yet and her side businesses providing little fulfillment, Gila was thrilled to have a cute companion to nurture – along with the new challenge of learning how to train her. It wasn’t long before Gila realized she could combine her love for dogs with her passion for teaching people by becoming a dog trainer. So, she studied animal behavior, practiced, and grew a thriving dog training business. She also co-founded Dog Is Good, a lifestyle brand for dog lovers, with Jon, who shared her vision.

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