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Matthew Martino

Founder of Let’s Fly Academy, Inspires Others to Soar

What’s keeping you from reaching your goal? The sky’s the limit.

What’s keeping you from reaching your goal? The sky’s the limit, especially if your passion is flying.

And if not, Matthew Martino can help you find a new passion. You’ll never know until you try it.

A British Entrepreneur, film producer, bestselling author, and the founder of Let’s Fly Academy, Martino is inspiring others to soar to their heart’s content.

Starting at a very young age Martino had an interest in aviation, writing, and film, and he has turned each of those interests into successful opportunities for himself and now for many others. As an actor, he secured many acting roles and then moved on to producing and directing film projects.

His love for aviation inspired him to write his first book, “Lets Fly” which was well received by pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world. Now he’s sharing his passion with thousands of flight enthusiasts. As the founder of the Let’s Fly Academy (LFA), an online resource academy, Martino provides information and resources to aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The academy is mainly run by student pilots but it gives those who are interested in learning how to fly the basics of what it takes to become a pilot.

The LFA also runs regular competitions in conjunction with various airfields and flight schools, and these are aimed at giving aspiring pilots that first step they need toward their dream of becoming a pilot. The Academy also maintains up to date information on rules and regulations for flight training, and how to obtain scholarships for flight training.

If you have a dream of starting a new career in aviation, Martino, who is recognized and appreciated by aviation enthusiasts worldwide, can help you make your dream a reality.

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