Christina Daves

Healing Through the Power of Fashion

Serial entrepreneur Christina Daves is making a fashion statement among people of all professions.

Many of us at one time or another has had an idea that we thought could be the next “big thing.” The important question is, “Did we follow through on it?” Most people never follow through on their ideas or dreams because they don’t think it’s possible to succeed?

Serial entrepreneur Christina Daves is a believer and she is proof that you can succeed if you’re willing to accept the challenges of following through. She’s always had the entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to make things happen. There have been many lessons and hard knocks along the way, but each lesson taught her how to be more resilient and smarter about the business decisions she makes.

Her latest venture – MediFashions Castmedic Designs is making a fashion statement among people of all professions including celebrities. MediFashions are creative fashion designs she developed that can be used to cover the medical boot worn when you injure your foot and ankle.

No pun intended, but one could say that Dave’s literally “fell into” this truly unique and successful business. After experiencing a fall, she had to wear a medical boot which got her thinking about the idea of creating unique fashions that could be worn on the boot to match or blend with your outfit or wardrobe.

From idea to reality, Dave’s has created another successful business as the inventor of MediFashions. On the road to success, she has learned from her mistakes and has gained new skills to help propel her business to new levels and is also helping other small business owners promote their businesses through her new book, PR for Anyone.

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