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Dr. Gina Paige

Filling the Ancestry Void for African Americans

Helping African Americans gain strength through self-knowledge and ancestry.

For many African Americans, uncovering the mysteries of their family tree is a nearly impossible task. If there are slaves in their history, pre-1870 information is virtually non-existent.

With such an unsolvable lineage puzzle, many African Americans must stop at enslavement when describing their roots. This lineage void robs them of their ancestral identity and strips many of their rich African heritage.

Enter Dr. Gina Paige. Co-founder of African Ancestry, Inc. with geneticist Dr. Rick Kittles, this Stanford-trained entrepreneur is unlocking this puzzle using the latest advances in DNA-based ancestry tracing. Dr. Paige is clearly passionate about what she does, and her enthusiasm is understandable. After all, she runs the only company on earth which can tell you specifically, with scientific proof, what country and ethnic group you’re from.

Since starting African Ancestry, Inc. in 2003, Paige has demystified the ancestral histories for Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice, Spike Lee, and the Martin Luther King family. She worked with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on the PBS programs “Finding Your Roots” and “African American Lives.” She has worked with NBC and CNN, and has partnered with several corporations like United Healthcare, Capital One, and McDonald’s.

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