Joe Nail

Creating Convergent Leadership to Help the Underserved

Inspiring a generation of young people to lives of service within their communities.

Look closely at Lead For America’s home page and you’ll see something quite unusual. Extraordinary, actually. It’s right there at the top with the standard non-profit “About” and “Donate” headings.


Yes, Lead For America dedicates an entire page to list the mistakes it has made since its inception in 2018. Some of these mistakes seem relatively harmless: Email Error, Video Mishap, Response Rate Lag. Others are more serious: Diversity Oversight. Ideology Bias. Delayed Check Delivery.

Delayed checks? Who voluntarily publicizes their own late payments? For the answer, you’ll have to get to know Joe Nail.

One of the country’s most accomplished twenty-somethings, Nail’s resume reads like a College Board directory of national and international awards and scholarships. But like any other member of Generation Z, his internal dishonesty detector is fast, accurate, and ruthless — even when he aims it at himself.

In his relatively short time here on earth, Nail has personally served multiple underserved communities on three continents. He has spearheaded several organizations to do the same. Lead For America is his most recent work and his most ambitious, aiming to catalyze local community revitalizations across the entire nation through experiential training, civic leader fellowships, and governmental advocacy.

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