Linda Clemons

World-Class Sales Strategist

The queen of networking and master sales strategist.

As a small child with two parents who were running their own businesses, Linda Clemons has inherited the entrepreneurial mindset of dedication, and has commitment and hard work in her blood. Her determination was evident, even as a young girl when Linda decided she didn’t want to wait one more year to enter school. She dressed herself and reported to first grade early, having the babysitter sign any school forms for her, a sign of an industrious and tenacious child.

Her entrepreneurial spirit emerged when she asked a neighbor to make a deal with her. Linda would clean her yard to get fresh pears for payment, which she made into cinnamon-sugar pear pops, selling them for 75 cents. Next, was her exceptional candy sales record at many school fundraisers.

Selling door to door as a young woman taught Linda a lot about body language. She became highly proficient at interpreting voice tones, facial expressions, limb movements and posture. Seeing the advantage this gave her in sales, she moved into real estate, specifically resort industry timeshare sales.

Driven to sell, Linda tapped into an uncanny ability to size up her prospects, using that information to tailor her sales pitches to each individual customer.
She was a natural at closing deals. So many, in fact, that she started setting and breaking records in the vacation exchange industry. For 25 years she sold timeshare packages, considered by many to be one of the toughest sells of all. What’s more, she often reached an unheard-of closing percentage of 48%.

In recent years, Linda founded and has been serving as CEO of Sisterpreneur®, an international business empowerment and mentoring group which offers high-level educational support and networking connections for experienced and novice women entrepreneurs across the globe.

She believes in the saying, “I’ve never met a stranger,” and it shows, because she has a way of building a close rapport with everyone she meets.

As a master sales strategist and nonverbal communications expert, Linda is a well-known public speaker, widely in demand as a motivational sales trainer. She is certified in Analytic Interviewing, a sought-after skill which allows her to detect deception in human communications and gather data from witnesses, hostages and victims. She has shared the stage with senator now President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Apple’s Steve Wozniak. A few of her noteworthy clients include, DuPont, Hilton, MGM, General Motors, the FBI and the U.S. Postal Service.

Linda is a Certified Motivational Speaker/Trainer for Ziglar Personal Development Training, Sales and Coaching. She travels extensively to share her passion, knowledge, energy and experience with sales forces worldwide.

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