Patricia Doss

Daughter of Greek Immigrants Realizes Her American Dream Through Dog Grooming

All her previous job skills prepared her for building a successful dog grooming business.

Many little girls dream of having a pony, but Patricia Doss’ father bought her one when she was 10 years old.

Doss, the daughter of Greek immigrants, loved all creatures big and small from an early age. She saw how hard her parents worked in their restaurant business. Doss’ father had no education and little money when he came to the United States. However, through hard work and saving money, he became an excellent provider for his family.

After trying everything from cake decorating to hairstyling, Doss eventually found her niche as a dog groomer. Working alongside her long-time husband, Tom, she has built a prosperous business based on her love of both animals and people.

Patricia shared with us, her experiences of how she combined all the skills she learned from different jobs to build a successful dog grooming business. We hope you gain as many useful insights as we did during the interview.

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