Rita Lee

Following Her Calling Against All Odds

Following Her Calling Against All Odds Throughout her hard journey, she found a new life path which she considers her purpose.

We all have a bad day occasionally. A tire goes flat on the way to a job interview. An ankle twists while training for a 10k. A boss blames you for someone else’s mistake.

But when a child falls victim to a serious illness, daily frustrations vanish. Nothing matters other than getting that child healthy again. It’s in our DNA to protect our children from harm, whether that harm is external or internal. It’s in our instinct to give up sleep, money — even our house — when a child’s life is at stake.

Rita Lee endured not one, but two of her four children being stricken by cancer. Along with her husband Don, Rita had to completely rearrange her life to deal with the daily upheaval, and to keep her children as comfortable and happy as they could be.

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