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Helping Dads Raise Strong Sons

Showing the world how true masculinity means love and vulnerability.

The term Renaissance translates to “rebirth” and refers an era of innovation, discovery, and reason. The Renaissance encompasses progress in art, science, geography, literature, culture and just about every other facet of human existence. This enlightenment exploded out of the Dark Ages, centuries of misery, sickness, and cruelty resulting from an ignorance of classical learning and values.

Antonio Harrison’s boyhood was a bit dark too. His father, a casualty of the cruelty of institutional racism in the US, had turned to drugs during a lifetime of hardship and misery. While his dad was in prison or under the influence, little Antonio spent many hours doing what children of drug addicts often do: Wait. And wish. And hurt.

Thankfully, Antonio’s mother was not only reliable and trustworthy, she provided him with unconditional love, helping him to excel academically and athletically. This steady flow of maternal support combined with his dad’s unique openness and admission of his addiction to help keep Antonio on the right path. He developed the strength, discipline, and self-worth to earn a BA in Psychology from Grinnell College, and an MA and Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Today, Dr. Antonio Harrison runs Renaissance Behavior in Pasadena, California, where he helps fathers foster, build, and maintain relationships with sons through open and honest dialogue that’s based on respect and trust. The aptly-named consultancy combines Harrison’s diverse array of skills and experiences: He has taught Behavior Analysis at Purdue University and University of West Florida for the past four years. He’s the father of three boys and a loving, committed husband. He’s been coaching football at the high school and collegiate levels for nearly ten years.

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