Tony Little

America’s Personal Trainer Talks About Failure, Adversity and Success

Tony Little's legacy for better living continues to have a huge impact America.

Tony Little has a story to tell that few people have heard. Most of us remember him from the Home Shopping Network, but his legacy for better living began long beforehand.

Abandoned by his father, he learned early on to take life’s adversities and turn them into victories. His “never quit” attitude has taken him down many interesting paths, most of which were rocky and mired with trouble, but he came out the victor and his goal is to inspire others to do the same.

His mother was his strongest influence. She made a decision that changed his life by relocating him to Florida to get him away from a bad crowd that was much older than he was, and had to potential to destroy his young life.

That move was pivotal for Tony, and he never forgot what she did for him back then. He took the opportunity and ran with it, reinventing himself – and his life. Once he found success, he reciprocated the favor by giving his mom the retirement gift of an 18-day artist tour through Europe.

Tony is all about setting goals, and working hard to achieve them, and then setting more goals – and he uses them to help people, to inspire others to do the same.

He has had more than his share of problems, including being in many accidents and experiencing several injuries, but they haven’t slowed him down. Tony wants to let others know that no matter what life throws at you, you can beat it if you never give up.

His focus is helping people live better, healthier lives – and not just adults. Inspired by his child, who is in the autistic spectrum, he is working with the University of South Florida to develop fitness products for autistic children.

His message: Change your mindset, change your environment, and you can change your life. Don’t let adversity run it and just keep on going.

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