Dovetailing His Passion with Entrepreneurial Success

An innovator who’s uniquely impacting the woodworking industry.

Two kinds of people live in this world: Those who shrug and walk away when faced with a problem that can’t be solved, and those who spring into action with that same problem. For this latter breed, the word “impossible” is their cue to start noodling, tinkering, and most of all, questioning.

These are the world’s inventors, groundbreakers… and entrepreneurs. Whatever the field, industry, or niche, they’re driven to create solutions that have never existed before. And they’re willing to fail in order to get there.

Myko is one of these innovative few, so please don’t try to tell him that something’s impossible. He’ll just squint at you as if you’re speaking in an ancient Egyptian dialect. As it happens, Myko’s latest inventions — TailSpin Calibrated Collinear Marking Tools — are literally the first innovations in a category of woodworking tools that hasn’t changed since King Tutankhamun’s rule over 3000 years ago.

Raised by a florist dad and an accountant mom who figured out how to rehab their own dilapidated house by themselves, Myko grew up hearing the word “crazy” a lot. No worries. Along with “impossible,” he’s seen “crazy” proven wrong so many times that he won’t even bother trying to convince you otherwise. Who’s got time for that anyway, when you’re too busy creating your next invention?

The woodworking bug had bitten him as a child, when his parents gave him a block of wood and a set of tools for his birthday. They must’ve known that little Myko was a born visionary, and they were right. To this day, the canoe he carved from that block of wood is proudly displayed in his home and on his website.

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