Pamela Yeung

A Strong Advocate for Giving Students Optimal Educational Opportunities

A passion for education and serving others.

Pamela Yeung, whose parents hailed from Saint Martin and Curaçao in the Caribbean, instilled in her an entrepreneurial spirit and a hunger for higher learning. Yeung recently became an elected member of the Garrisonville School Board in Stafford County, Virginia.

Yeung, whose mother died when she was 21, considered dropping out of Howard University. However, a Dean at the Washington D.C. college urged Yeung to stay the course. She finished her Bachelor’s in Business and Information Technology and went on to earn a Master’s in Science and Technology from Maryland’s Johns Hopkins University.

Now, Yeung works in both information technology and healthcare. For decades, she devoted time to helping other qualified candidates get elected to their desired offices. Yeung realized her passion for education and experiences as a single mother of four children would serve her and the Garrisonville School Board well. After an unsuccessful first campaign, Yeung persevered and won a seat on her second try.

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