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Dr. Lisa Pion-Berlin

Helping Families Through Difficult Times

Enabling families and individuals to effectively deal with and overcome life's challenges.

There’s no doubt about it: Times are stressful.

Between the worldwide outrage sparked by George Floyd’s cold-blooded murder, the unprecedented daily restrictions due to COVID-19, and a presidential election destined for the history books, maintaining inner and familial peace has become difficult, to say the least.

During lockdown, many children, youth, and parents are suffering. Living together in close quarters for months on end, tempers can flare. Anger can grow. Mistakes can happen. The pain and shame of abuse can become a vicious cycle.

Even in peaceful households during less stressful times, agonizing questions and problems can crop up for any family. Why is my toddler so clingy? How do I get my tween away from social media? Why won’t my son talk to me? When will my daughter stop taking drugs?

Dr. Lisa Pion-Berlin has been helping parents and families with these and many other issues for years. For the past thirty years, “Dr. Lisa” has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Parents Anonymous®, working tirelessly to improve systems to better meet the needs of families under stress.

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